COVID-19 Information

Please Note that all National Face to Face SMART Recovery Ireland meetings have been cancelled in line with current restrictions.

Online Meetings are now available. See here for details.

SMART Recovery Ireland Authorised Online Meetings 

Please Note: You will need a strong internet connection either through Wifi or Data to access and attend the online meetings.   

If you experience any difficulties accessing an online meeting please email

Current Available Online Meetings

Events in February 2024

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
January 29, 2024(140 events)
January 30, 2024(141 events)
January 31, 2024(140 events)
February 1, 2024(140 events)
February 2, 2024(143 events)
February 3, 2024(141 events)
February 4, 2024(141 events)
February 5, 2024(141 events)
February 6, 2024(142 events)
February 7, 2024(141 events)
February 8, 2024(141 events)
February 9, 2024(144 events)
February 10, 2024(142 events)
February 11, 2024(142 events)
February 12, 2024(142 events)
February 13, 2024(143 events)
February 14, 2024(142 events)
February 15, 2024(142 events)
February 16, 2024(145 events)
February 17, 2024(143 events)
February 18, 2024(143 events)
February 19, 2024(143 events)
February 20, 2024(144 events)
February 21, 2024(143 events)
February 22, 2024(143 events)
February 23, 2024(146 events)
February 24, 2024(144 events)
February 25, 2024(144 events)
February 26, 2024(144 events)
February 27, 2024(145 events)
February 28, 2024(144 events)
February 29, 2024(144 events)
March 1, 2024(147 events)
March 2, 2024(145 events)
March 3, 2024(145 events)

Being a Worldwide community SMART Recovery has meetings available across the globe.  If you would like the opportunity to attend a SMART Recovery International meeting please follow the link below:-

SMART Recovery Online Meetings — SMART Recovery International

To book any SMART Recovery meeting in Ireland please complete the following:-

1. Please click your preferred meeting and time below, all are available.  

2. Click on Book This Meeting in the popup.  (Bookings for meeting will close 30 mins before the Meetings start time).

3. You will be brought to a booking form with the meeting date and time you selected filled in. All you need to do it fill in your name and email/mobile number and click the boxes as appropriate

4. A meeting link will be emailed to you. 

4. This link can be only used for the meeting selected, if you wish to attend weekly meetings thereafter you will need to fill in your details each week for your selected online meeting. 

Our aim is to provide online SMART Recovery Ireland mutual support meetings which are free and open to anyone
seeking science-based, self-empowered addiction recovery.

 Meeting Guidelines

Online Meeting Guidelines