SMART Recovery Ireland- Facilitator Refresher Training Day

St. Andrew’s Resource Centre,114-116 Pearse St, Dublin 2 on Tuesday October 16th from 9.30am -4pm.

This training will be relevant to, facilitators who are currently facilitating SMART Recovery Meetings, those who have completed the on-line training but have not yet facilitated a SMART Recovery Meeting, those who are currently undertaking the SMART Recovery Facilitator on-line training and who will have completed same by October 16th.

To reserve a place on the training, please e-mail indicating that you wish to attend the training.  Lunch will be provided on the day and a full programme for the day will be circulated to all who have reserved places prior to the event.

Is SMART Recovery what you’re looking for?

Are you worried about your drug or alcohol use, or any other addictions? Do you want to regain control of your life? Try SMART Recovery, a science-based, secular and self-empowering program.

SMART Recovery offers a secular scientific alternative if you are seeking independence from alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling and other addictive behaviors. You learn to live a balanced lifestyle and free yourself from addiction. We are not saying that it is easy – but it’s maybe easier than you think to break free from a destructive lifestyle.

“Are you having trouble getting motivated to change?  – SMART Recovery has very specific and effective tools to get you motivated to change.”

We welcome you to a SMART Recovery meeting

Get smart – get started in a SMART Recovery support group, face-to-face or online. In our friendly, small group settings, we talk freely, sharing ideas, support and experience.  We learn proven, practical self-management and recovery skills – through discussions, training tools from the toolbox and other self-help activities to increase self-reliance.

Good to know about SMART Recovery

  • SMART is science-based
  • Self-empowering
  • All meetings are lead by a trained facilitator
  • No labeling like “alcoholic”
  • You attend as long as you find it useful
  • SMART is a nonprofit organization
  • You have choices also in recovery
  • Personal responsibility
  • Proven principles of change
  • Not based on any religious or spiritual ground
  • Unconditional self-acceptance