SMART Recovery Ireland Authorised Online Meetings 

 Please Note: You will need a strong internet connection either through Wifi or Data to access and attend the online meetings.   

SMART Recovery Ireland are in the process of developing this online meeting platform in response to the ongoing crisis caused by Covid-19.  The cancellation of all face to face meetings has been unavoidable but we are endeavouring to provide an online alternative that everyone can access.  Creating this new platform and content is challenging but working together we can produce a format that will empower recovery online. 

Current Available Meetings

 Wednesday 1st April 

12.00-1.30 (max 12 participants) Sligo (cancelled)

7.00-8.30pm (max participants) Kilkenny County ,  

Thursday 2nd April 

10.30-12.00 (max 12 participants) Wexford 

7.30-9.00 pm (max 12 participants) Galway 

Friday 3rd April 

12.00-1.30 (max 12 participants)  Tipperary 

12.30-1.30  An Introduction to SMART (max 12 participants) 

1. Please choose your preferred meeting, all are available.  You will see that each meeting advertised will have a county after it, this is a reference for filling in the form below. 

2.  Fill in the details below.

3. A meeting link will be emailed to you. 

4. This link can be only used for the meeting selected, if you wish to attend weekly meetings thereafter you will need to fill in your details each week for your selected online meeting. 

Our aim is to provide online SMART Recovery Ireland mutual support meetings which are free and open to anyone
seeking science-based, self-empowered addiction recovery.

 Meeting Guidelines

Online Meeting Guidelines



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